To submit your work for review, you will require to create a GitHub account and set up a public repository.

To set up your GitHub repository you can follow the instructions in this video

  1. Create a new repository (e.g. dareyio-pbl):


  1. Make sure it will be publicly available for reading


  1. Create a new file with .md extension (e.g.


  1. Use Markdown language to edit the project file: write down the steps you took and insert screenshots of your commands results.

To get familiar with markdown, watch this video

For screenshots you can use:

  1. Once you have finished editing the file, copy its link (it will look like this<your-account-name>/<your-repo-name>/blob/main/<project-file-name>):


  1. Click ‘Submit your project for review’ in DAREY.IO project dashboard, paste the link to your project, and submit.

Well Done!

Optional - Professional tips

To edit your .md files and any other files that you are planning to upload to GitHub, you can use a free advanced text editor like Visual Studio Code. You can also connect your Visual Studio Code to your GitHub account so you can commit and push your updates straight to it from your editor like a real Pro.

To learn how to create a new GitHub repository, commit and push to it using VSCode - watch this video.

To learn how to clone an existing GitHub repository - watch this video.